Exercise to Independence

  • Exercise to Independence

This is an exercise program for promoting continues strengthening, designed to maintain and improve your current level of function. This program is supervised by our exercise specialist who will consult with your physical therapist to assure a smooth transition into an independent exercise program. This program is available at our main office and our Lincoln Hwy branch and the cost is $65/month or $180 for 3 months.

What does
a physical
therapist do?

Physical therapists are experts trained in the evaluation & treatment of muscle, joint, and nerve dysfunction. We are trained specifically to improve movement & function, relieve pain, and expand movement potential.

freedom to move

Your Right to Choose

The decision of where you go to receive treatment is
yours. If you have a specific therapist or practice you
would like to go to, you should let your doctor or
insurance company know this. Not all physical
therapists or practices are the same and the choice
of your provider is yours.